It’s been a while but I’m finally getting back into the swing of things over here.
This was the most profitable and also the most exhausting San Diego Comic Con ever for me.
The show was great as usual but the aftermath really kicked my butt this year!
For starters I lost my car keys on the night I got home. I didn’t find them for two weeks. They
had gotten wrapped up in a tarp which was the last thing I put away.
And I found them the day after I produced a new back up set.

Here’s a quick update on things around here.
I have started drawing Book 4!
I’m a few pages in and all the new character concept art is complete.
I’ll probably be sharing some in the next few weeks!
I’m working with the factory to get my sketchbook project printed while I’m also
working on the Book 3 Expansion for the Assault: 19XX Board game!
That will hopefully be complete in October for everyone to look at.
Lauren and I have a new foster kid. She’s awesome and doing great, but having
kids around always slows down the schedule a bit!
Here’s a look at the title page and title for Book 4!


Thanks to Professor Fate for reminding me to post new pages!!!
Like I said, it’s been crazy around here since San Diego.
Here’s hoping the next con is just as crazy!