The end of Chapter One. And it’s Friday.  That’s exciting right? Pretty soon Fridays won’t matter much to me though.  I’ve been doing the comic online for about a year and a half and I’ve been doing conventions for about 9 months.  Well I have been doing well enough at conventions to warrant doing the comic full time for a while.  So Next week is my last week at my day job.  As you can imagine it’s a pretty intense decision to quit your steady job to work in comics.  But it was getting to a point where my day job was cutting into my comic and at this point I’m ready to commit to a good six months or so just doing my book and seeing where that gets me.  I definitely want to give this second book the attention it deserves and maybe get back to working on my board game and who knows what else!  I have a lot of projects waiting in the wings. The good news is I already have a freelance gig doing all the artwork for an iOS game that I can’t tell you about yet but should be out very soon, and I’m doing the poster for a comic convention that happens later this year.  So I just quit my job and March looks like the busiest month I’ve ever had! Long term plans are to do a Kickstarter for book two, and then start working on book three!

Thanks to everyone who has bought the first book so far and thanks to anyone who has ever clicked on an ad or shared this site with someone else! I’m working hard over here, I won’t let you down!