Kickstarter has gone great! But today is the last day to reserve the new book and get some great exclusives!! I also posted a tour of my office and workshop in the updates section if you’re interested!
Click here to go to my update page and watch the video!


Wow, I made it to 8K! Since I made it to 8 on the Kickstarter if you’ve been following along you’ll know that anyone who committed to any of the pledge levels will get an additional patch! I am throwing in this Walking Tank Commander patch.  I let people on facebook and on the kickstarter page vote for what color combination they wanted and the Olive and Yellow version won unanimously! There were only a couple votes for the other color scheme, but they were all from me, so that doesn’t count.

Here is a picture of the winning patch!  If you want to secure one, just head over to the kickstarter page and pledge any of the levels!

Dieselpunk WWII Mech Patch Paul Roman Martinez