Some people might have noticed my lack of text down here in these posts lately.  Part of that was the Thanksgiving holiday but a larger part of that is I have been very busy doing some things to put myself in a better position to keep making comics.

What does that mean? Well, I am reorganizing my business structure which requires a long term financial outlook.  I am also working on securing new funding through a couple channels.  And I am working on a reprint for Book One.  But it is not just a reprint, it is a complete revision with new colors, new pages, and a revised Secret Files Vol. One as well.

So in a couple weeks I am going to be doing another Kickstarter campaign for the Book One revision reprint.  I hate to do it so close to the last one but I kind of have to!  The convention season starts again in March and I have to have copies of my main book to sell!

Of course preparing all of this stuff means that I have to put off starting on Book Three.  But the time I’m taking right now to make sure everything is in place means that I will be secure 12 months from now and nothing will interrupt production on future books once they have begun.

So just hang in there a couple more weeks, pretty soon you will be tired of hearing from me!